10 'Killing Eve' GIFs That Sum Up How We're Feeling Right Now

Killing Eve is very much back, and we couldn’t be more excited about what this means for our Sunday nights (and TV lives in general). A few episodes into the new season, we’ve seen both Eve and Villanelle hard at work convincing each other and themselves that they’ve turned over new leafs and are basically “whole new people,” and boy, do we know that game. 
As many of us begin to re-emerge after two years of isolation, we may find ourselves contending with record-breaking anxiety about the current state of the world, whole new levels of social awkwardness, plus the all-too-familiar petty annoyances that we forgot about while shuttered at home. Wheeee! Everything's fine. 
Between Eve and Villanelle’s existential crises, Carolyn’s inability to chill, and Konstantin’s doomed attempts at staying out of the game, the show remains as relatable as ever. Plus, this final season of Killing Eve continues to bless us with delightful GIFs to keep our sense of humor intact while we feel all our feels and stumble through our new reality. Check out a roundup below, including some throwbacks that feel more relevant than ever. 
1. Trying to function in the office after years of working from the comfort of our own homes:
If you find yourself asking, “what is professional?” and “how do I human?” You aren’t the only one. 
2. Finally traveling again. And we’re counting traveling as going basically anywhere outside the house:

Have you turned into a cringe-worthy eager tourist anytime you travel, even to a non-exotic destination within a few miles of your home? Take a cue from Niko and just own it. And don't forget to give your selfie a thumbs up! 
3. Wearing something besides sweat pants for the first time in longer than you’d care to acknowledge:

It’s like we get an instant case of main character syndrome the second we pull on those non-athleisure threads. Villanelle would most certainly approve.
4. Social media continues to take over our lives, and we should really just delete all the apps from our phones:
But first, let’s check Twitter. And Instagram. And TikTok.
5. Us struggling to move on from our pandemic diet comprised of 60% baked goods and sugary treats:

Never tell a dessert addict they’re a dessert addict. It upsets them.
6. Us after getting back into a regular morning shower routine:

It’s perfectly normal for personal hygiene to have taken a little slip during the pandemic… right? But take a whiff of us now!
7. Every time we hear about a new up-and-coming Covid variant:

Hello, anxiety, our old friend. Don't mind us while we crawl back into bed.
8. When you guess the day’s Wordle in two tries, and it's the smartest and most successful you've felt in years:

Mensa, here we come. But first let's make sure everyone we know adequately compliments our genius.
9. When the friend group chat tries to pick a restaurant for a dinner out after long-term social isolation.
It must have outdoor seating, keto options for so-and-so’s diet they started during the pandemic, and availability for 12 people within the next two hours. Oh, and an Android user was just added to the chat. PLEASE, JUST MAKE THE NOTIFICATIONS STOP!
10. We’ve been keeping this light, but of course this is us every time we read the news:
One day at a time, everyone. 
Is there a Killing Eve moment that sums up your current mood?