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Q&A: DP Aaron Morton Teases Episode 508

10. ‪Inês R. via Facebook: What was the hardest scene to record and why?
The hardest scene is in 508, so I can’t say much about that. The hardest scene I can talk about would be the dance party clone scene with Sarah, Alison, Cosima, and Helena, and Felix. Four clones at once in Felix’s loft was a big challenge, especially with the amount of movement from both the characters and the camera. If you watch the excellent making-of clip below, you quickly see the difficulties I was facing from a cinematography point of view — a tricky scene to light.

Another tough one was the scene with MK, Sarah, S, and Ferdinand at Beth’s apartment. Again, mostly from a lighting point of view. It can be very difficult lighting those scenes consistently, keeping it moody, while having to shoot close-ups of other characters while also shooting wide Techno-dolly motion control shots at the same time. My mate Geoff Scott helps me out though — sometimes removing lights, hardware, even crew members from shot in post.

11. ‪Alison D. via Facebook What drew you to a career behind the camera?
AM: The catering.

Seriously though, I’m not sure. I grew up loving movies, but couldn’t honestly say I always wanted to be in the film industry. I ended up getting a PA job after high school at a small production company, met a bunch of freelance camera people, and basically fell in love with the camera department. Once I started shooting stuff, I grew to love lighting and story telling. My job rules!

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