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Q&A: DP Aaron Morton Teases Episode 508

5. @ASestraClone via Twitter: any fun BTS stories you can share with us?
AM: Well, anytime Kristian Bruun is on set, he is constantly cracking us up. Another story though — not that fun, but memorable — was the time I was having a real downer of a day. I’m actually based in New Zealand and come over to Toronto each season to shoot Orphan Black. I was missing my family like crazy and Tat noticed and went got me a gift to cheer me up. She came back with a cozy pair of slippers, delicious hot chocolate from Soma in Toronto, and a DVD of Muriel’s Wedding, my wife’s favorite movie. Basically Tat is a superb human.

6. @TheZamantha via Twitter: What inspires your new ideas reg framing (esp since one actor plays a lot of roles!) and colour grading? Any pre-shoot rituals?
AM: There is so much great television out there right now to draw inspiration from, and I have great collaborators on this show. My good friends Kaelin and Johnny are our camera operators, and they inspire our directors and myself everyday. But the biggest inspiration would be the awesome scripts and cast we have on our show.

7. @taciturasa via Twitter: How does he get such a moody, unique look though the series without it feeling overbearing? I swear man’s a cinematography god
AM: Stop it! I just make it up as I go along.

8. @aquapondykes via Twitter: Do you use diff shooting styles/particular techniques for the each of different clones, or rely on‪@tatianamaslany ‘s acting?
AM: I do… kind of. When it’s appropriate I like to give Helena quite a hot backlight to make her hair kind of halo-like… angel of death!? Alison has a bit more of a soft light look, Cosima and Sarah, a little more high contrast lighting. It’s all subtle, hopefully, but it’s good to give yourself sort of rules to follow. Of course I break my own rules when I need to, but they are still there as a base to begin with.

9. ‪Vicki M via Facebook: How do manage with such early starts 😜?
Detour Coffee!!!
Editor’s Note: Vicki is Aaron’s wife. How cute are they?

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