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Corgis, Crying, and Clues at BBC America’s New York Comic Con Takeover

BBC America took over New York Comic Con with a panel featuring the casts of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, Class, and Doctor Who. We saw some big things like the world premiere of Dirk Gently, the Class trailer, and the first footage of December’s Doctor Who Christmas special, The Return of Doctor Mysterio. You can read all about those — and watch them! — HERE.

But — as always — it’s the little moments that really make Comic Con what it is. So here are just a few you may have missed.

1. CORGIS!!! Sooo, there’s a corgi in Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. You can see it here:


Huddle up!

But there were EIGHT CORGIS there to greet fans as they went in and left the Theater at Madison Square Garden. They were also kind enough to escort the cast onto the stage for the panel. We’ll just pepper them through this whole piece because why not?! Everything is connected!

2. After the fans were treated to the premiere episode (which they cheered mightily for. Watch it for yourself Saturday, October 22 at 9/8c), fans had the opportunity to ask the cast questions. There were  a bunch of Max Landis fans in the crowd, but only one almost made him cry…. by bringing up a previous work of his, the Shocker: Legit. He was speechless. He literally held his hand over his heart.



3. In another first, the Class cast watched the world premiere of their series trailer. As the lights went up in the theater, the cast was already hugging. HUGGING! You could just tell how proud they are to be a part of the show and to see it come to the screen. This made us tear up.

4. Fady Elsayed, who plays Class’ Ram — revealed that he cheekily posted a picture of a TARDIS on his Twitter with no comment when he found out he was cast but couldn’t tell anyone. He also had to stop taking so many selfies on set because Class shares space with Doctor Who and Doctor Who props were visible in the background. (Don’t you dare go look for spoilers — you will find nothing, sweeties!)

5. The Class cast members were asked who their favorite Doctor Who characters are and while answering, Vivian Oparah mentioned that she and Martha Jones herself — Freema Agyemanp — went to the same church, and she was in awe of Martha when she was on Doctor Who. What a  small Whoniverse!



6. To keep her new role a secret, Peter Capaldi’s new companion — Pearl Mackie — was sent information about a part for “Mean Town”, an anagram of “Woman Ten,” the secret codename for the 10th companion.

7. When asked what it was like having Pearl on set, Peter mentioned that it was nice to have someone else as the newbie on set, someone he could show the canteen and trailers to (kitchen and bathrooms.) When he said this, we couldn’t help but have a moment wondering what it’s like to have the Doctor show you the loo!

8. Peter told a very humbling story of he and Jenna Coleman meeting a couple in a hotel before their wedding day. The couple were obviously Doctor Who fans and in their excitement called them… Matt and Karen! We’ll just assume the groom didn’t recognize Peter’s face… even the Doctor has trouble with that sometimes.



9. During the Doctor Who Q&A, a fan asked Peter what he thought about fans who have DW tattoos, especially of the Doctor’s names or faces. Peter revealed that a very beautiful woman recently got his name as a tattoo… his wife! “It’s really scary cause I’ve got to get one of her,” he said.

10. Ahem: Pearl brought up Episode 3 of the new season multiple times as her favorite. She mentioned a “phenomenally large, phenomenally detailed set” that left her in awe. Hmmm. We look forward to seeing what she’s referencing!



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