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Q&A: Hair Stylist Katarina Chovanec

Editor’s Note: We culled your questions from Facebook and Twitter for this week’s Q&A with an Orphan Black crew member. This week it’s Karaina Chovanec, Hair Stylist.

1. Chris L. via Facebook: Is there any reason why when Sarah pretends to be another clone, the hair seems to give her away. Like Krystal in episode 10. Pretend Alison with the headband in past seasons.
Katarina Chovanec: You’re correct! Its suppose to be a give-away, otherwise it would be confusing to the audience.

2. Katrina G. via Facebook: How do you make the wigs look so natural and seamless?? I often notice the small regrowth on Helena and Krystal, it just looks so natural!! Awesome work!
KC: Hi, Katrina — it is part of my job to be as natural and seamless as possible. Thanks for watching.

3. Lindan K. via Facebook: What is the process that you follow in terms of choosing the hairstyles for each individual clone? Do you base their hairstyles off of their personalities? Their background? Also, their hairlines are impeccable and literally seamless. How do you ensure it stays that way? Do you utilize makeup to assist with masking the hairline where the wigs start or do you blend in with Tatiana’s hair to give it a natural effect? 🙂
KC: Yes, Linda, every time! It’s a collaboration of multiple departments like Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe, Story Line, and Continuity. Then I’ll build a character.

I appreciate you’ve noticed my work. Thank you. And, yes, I’m a total freak when it comes to details. I often drive my assistants crazy, because I expect the same quality from them. And I will utilize or do wha ever it takes to make sure my work is impeccable and literally seamless.

4. Nicole B. via Facebook: I noticed Evie Cho and Rachel have nearly identical sleek bobs. Was this intentional? (Corporate evil must be polished! LOL.)
KC: Hi, Nicole. Yes, it was intentional, however, Rachel came first.

5. Deedles S. via Facebook: Which hairstyle on the show is the most stressful and how do you keep the hair of that cast member from becoming too stressed out from the rigors of it?
KC: I have to say Cosima’s hair is the most stressful. It’s not a wig. It’s Tatiana’s own hair twisted each time she plays Cosima, and then fit into a built dreads ponytail. Except Sarah’s character, I have to be careful what products and how much I use because there’s not enough time to wash Tatiana’s hair every time we have a clone change-over.

6. Darlene B. via Facebook: What’s easier/faster when styling Tatiana: wig or natural hair? Or does it depend on the clone?
KC: It’s always faster to style a wig, than Tatiana’s own hair.

7. Sarah B. via Facebook: Is Felix’s hair in season 4 meant to be an outward signifier of his radical departure from previous seasons?
KC: Yes, good catch! Felix’s hair in Season 4 changed a lot. Cool look!

8. Matt F. via Facebook: Is krystal right, can you get a comb through Sarah’s hair?
KC: Totally! Krystal is right. It’s impossible without washing it to get a comb through Sarah’s hair 😉

9. Shawna E. via Facebook: I wanna know about cosimas dreads! How heavy is the wig?!
KC: It’s not a wig. But, Tatiana’s own hair with an add-on. And, yes, it depends on the day how many clone changes we have — it could get heavy.

10. Hannah C. via Facebook: Has the Cosima wig changed at all over the years? I’ve noticed especially in this last season her dreads are looking a bit frizzier!
KC: Hi, Hannah. Cosima is not well in Season 4 — her life is a roller-coaster and therefore, her hair is the last thing Cosima would care about. But, she still has enough energy to pull her hair up into a nice up-do! Thanks for watching Orphan Black. 

11. Pedro R. via Facebook: Any basic tips for men’s hair?
KC: It all depends on a type of hair, length, and texture. But, I always make sure the scalp is properly hydrated so hair is easily managed and gives good support with very little product for any natural hair styles.

12. Lauren A. via Facebook: How do you get Sarahs messy wavy hair style ?
KC: Hi, Lauren. Sarah’s messy, wavy hair style is like going through a tornado. First, you tease the hair right at the root; then you gradually build up layer by layer with super hold volume spray; then you add a little hit before you continue adding more product. Depends on how fresh Tatiana’s hair is, I’d use either a flat straightener or wave barrel curling iron. Sarah’s hairstyle is the only one that I can get away with anything. It’s Sarah’s freestyle.

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