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Critics Applaud New Thriller ‘Thirteen’ as “Remarkably Gripping”


BBC America’s new five-part thriller, Thirteen, follows Ivy Moxam (breakout actress Jodie Comer) once she escapes from her kidnapper after 13 years. How will she resume her life after missing more than half of it, and what really happened during her captivity? Critics are praising the “compelling abduction mystery” and hailing Jodie Comer’s performance as utterly “haunting”.

Find out why you don’t want to miss Thirteen, premiering Thursday, June 23 on BBC America. PLUS: Watch the opening scene below!

° The Hollywood Reporter gives Thirteen a glowing review, calling the series “nuanced and fresh,” and praises both the writing and “excellent” acting.

° The New York Times includes the series on their ‘What to Watch’ list, comparing the “eerie” Thirteen to acclaimed French series The Returned.

° The Los Angeles Times applauds the “remarkable” series, calling Jodie Comer’s performance “magnetic.”

° The Wall Street Journal reviews the “nail-biting” thriller, praising Jodie Comer’s “compelling portrayal” of the enigmatic Ivy Moxam.

° Flavorwire calls Thirteen “unflinching” and “totally believable,” declaring it an “appropriately complex” exploration of a kidnapping and it’s aftermath.

° Chanel Guide raves about the series’ “satisfying mystery,” noting that “Every moment Jodie Comer is on screen is haunting.”

° Seat42F reviews the “compelling” and “well made” series, promising viewers “lots of unexpected twists.”

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