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Season 1 Recap

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Let’s review what has happened this season, shall we? But before we go any further, this is your official *SPOILER ALERT* warning. Don’t review if you have yet to watch all eight episodes.   A lot has gone down in the mucky East End. A beloved young copper was killed, Sergeant Drake fell in and […]

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What Exactly Is a Pinkerton?

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His name is Homer Jackson, and he’s “all flesh and blood.” (‘Tournament of Shadows‘) But according to Inspector Reid, (and every minor police character on “Ripper Street”) he was also a pinkerton. In the past few episodes, you may have noticed quite a bit of chatter concerning the term ‘pinkerton‘ in reference to Captain Homer […]

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The Weight of One Man’s Heart: War Wounds Lingering in the Abyss

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Drake: “(Egyptians) believed the gods placed the heart in scales against a feather. The Feather of Justice. If the heart spoke of no sin, the scales balanced, and the soul could join the afterlife.” Reid: “And if the heart spoke up?” Drake: “It became heavy. And if it outweighed the feather…the dead man’s soul was […]

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Episode 4: Locking Up Women for ‘The Good of This City’

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“We cannot build a railway without demolishing a slum or two.” The industrialist ‘progress’ of technology left behind many confused and displaced individuals at its expense. In Episode 4 of ‘Ripper Street,’ we see first-hand how the building of a new railway caused a large slum of people to roam the streets, including the strikingly […]

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Liberal Repression: Vice in Queen Victoria’s England


In Episode 3 of “Ripper Street,” “The King Came Calling,” Captain Jackson wasn’t the only one who experienced the world of Victorian vice. Inspector Reid and his fellow officers tap into the scene when one of their investigations lead them to a transvestite brothel. Sex and sexuality was as prevalent in the 19th century as […]

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‘In My Protection’: The Life of a Child on the Streets of Victorian London

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“Cheer up, lad. No good ever came from moping.” – Sergeant Drake (Deborah Goren – Played by Lucy Cohu) In Episode 2 of “Ripper Street,” The Vigilance Committee, distrusting of the H Division’s job in protecting the people of Whitechapel, gather together to accuse a young boy of murdering a toy maker, though the boy […]

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‘I Need Light’: The Discovery of Technology and Gadgetry

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In the first episode of “Ripper Street,” one cannot help but notice the dramatic presence of newly-developed technologies that the characters must (sometimes quite hesitantly) adapt to. Here are just a few: Still Photography Many inventions led to photography, but probably the most relevant was the discovery of the camera obscura, which can be traced […]

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The 5 Craziest Jack the Ripper Theories


As you fellow Ripperologists well know, there are many theories floating around about who Jack the Ripper was, but there is a handful of truly bizarre theories you may or may not have heard about. ( 1. Walter Sickert A renowned painter of the time is a curious candidate for the Whitechapel murders, and mainly […]

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9 Totally Bizarre Unsolved Crimes


From our partners at Buzzfeed: 1. The Zodiak Killer This guy really liked killing people. Active in Northern California for about 10 months toward the end of the ’60s, The Zodiak killed at least 5 people, and sent coded letters to the local Bay Area press. Only 1 of 4 cryptograms have been solved. Read […]

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The Origin of the Name ‘Jack the Ripper’


Almost certainly the one single reason for the enduring appeal of this rather sordid series of prostitute murders is the name, Jack the Ripper. Deep within the public records office, written in blood red ink, remains probably the most famous letter in the history of crime. Subject to fierce debate among historians and experts for […]

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