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Questions with Alexander Dreymon


The Last Kingdom star Alexander Dreymon plays the fierce and conflicted warrior Uhtred. Here he discusses his multicultural upbringing, battle scene training, and the appeal of both the Saxon and Danish lifestyles. Where is Uhtred in the beginning of the story? Dreymon: We first meet Uhtred as a boy (played by the wonderful Tom Taylor). […]

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Questions with Rutger Hauer


Dutch actor, writer and environmentalist Rutger Hauer stars in The Last Kingdom as Ravn, a philosophical Viking poet and wise man. Here he spills on the multinational cast, cloudy eye make-up, and his mischievous on-set antics. Tell us about your character in The Last Kingdom. Rutger Hauer: 
I play a man called Ravn, and I’m […]

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Questions with Matthew Macfadyen


BAFTA-award-winning British actor Matthew Macfadyen portrays Saxon ruler Lord Uhtred in BBC America’s The Last Kingdom. Here he discusses falconry, his jealousy over the wardrobe of his Viking counterparts on the show, and filming an epic battle scene outside of Budapest. What sort of a man is Lord Uhtred? Matthew Macfadyen: Lord Uhtred is a very […]

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Questions with Emily Cox


British and Irish actress Emily Cox stars in The Last Kingdom as Brida, a kidnapped Saxon who grows into a fierce, audacious Viking. Here she talks stunt training, her character’s relationship with Uhtred, and reveals why she considers Brida one of the first feminists. How would you describe Brida? Emily Cox: Brida is a really […]

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Questions with David Dawson


English actor David Dawson stars as the visionary King Alfred in BBC America’s The Last Kingdom. Here he delves into what makes Alfred “Great,” his love story with Uhtred, and his horse McFlurry’s diva tendencies. Before this role, what did you know about King Alfred? Dawson: I didn’t know a lot, but I am a […]

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