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Where to Look for John Boyega: From ‘Becoming Human’ to ‘Star Wars’ and Future Projects

The 33rd Santa Barbara International Film Festival – Virtuosos Award Presented By UGG

John Boyega has had a number of standout roles, with joining Star Wars back in 2015 leading to his international breakthrough. Boyega portrayed the beloved Finn in the sci-fi trilogy, made-up of Episode VII, VIII and IX. While it’s such an accomplishment to be part of this acclaimed franchise, Boyega is ready to “move on,” as […]

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First Look: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Set to Star in Sci-Fi/Comedy ‘Truth Seekers’

Simon Pegg Nick Frost

Longtime collaborators Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are teaming up once again. The filmmakers (Shaun of the Dead) are circling back to TV, where they got their start with 1999’s Spaced, and have recently revealed the first look photos for their new sci-fi/comedy Truth Seekers. Frost is set to play Gus, a ghost-hunter, with Pegg’s […]

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Claes Bang Stars in New Trailer for Mystery-Thriller ‘The Bay of Silence’

2019 Getty Entertainment – Social Ready Content

We just saw Claes Bang in Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss‘ miniseries Dracula, which premiered earlier this year. Bang has dropped the Transylvanian accent and fangs to take on a more modern role as a family man in The Bay of Silence, reports  The movie is based on Lisa St. Aubin de Terán‘s 1986 […]

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Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts Reunite for Thriller ‘Leave the World Behind’


Rumaan Alam‘s forthcoming novel Leave the World Behind is hitting shelves on October 6. It hasn’t even published yet, and it’s already been commissioned for a big screen adaptation. The movie has already begun casting and with some serious A-listers to take the lead. Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts, who co-starred in 1993’s The Pelican […]

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Neil Gaiman is Up for More ‘Good Omens’: ‘I Think the Probability Is Pretty Good’

2014 National Book Awards

Neil Gaiman‘s DC comic book series The Sandman is being made into an audiobook, with James McAvoy taking on the title role, also known as Lord Morpheus.  With The Sandman audiobook releasing on July 15, Gaiman has been doing the press rounds. In a recent interview with Digital Spy, he was asked about there being […]

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New Trailer: Bruce Willis Stars in Action Film ‘Hard Kill’

Comic-Con International 2018 – Universal Pictures’ “Glass” And “Halloween” Panels

It’s been a minute since we’ve seen Bruce Willis in an action film, but it’s been worth the wait. He’s back and he’s still got it, starring in the forthcoming thriller Hard Kill, reports  The trailer just released today, where we see Willis playing the role of billionaire tech CEO Donovan Chalmer. He’s created […]

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10 Female Scientists We Look Up To: From Early Twentieth Century to Present-Day


Rosamund Pike is set to star as 19th century scientist Marie Sklodowska-Curie in the forthcoming biopic Radioactive, premiering next week (July 24). In the movie, we learn how Sklodowska-Curie fought to get credit for discovering radium. This is such an important and defining time frame in her life, and science as a whole, but it […]

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First Look: Drew Barrymore Stars in ‘The Stand-In’ Playing Two Roles


It was announced last year that Drew Barrymore is set to star in the forthcoming dark comedy The Stand-In. Just today, it’s been confirmed the movie has found a home at Saban Films, reports Deadline. Production began in January 2019 and the film is completed. With Saban Films acquiring the project, it’s one step closer […]

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Phoebe Waller-Bridge Pulled Inspiration From ‘The Godfather’ When Writing ‘Fleabag’ Season 2


Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who you know as the creator and star of of the dark comedy Fleabag and the creator and first season showrunner for BBC America’s Killing Eve, has a very inventive mind. At yesterday’s BAFTA TV Session, Waller-Bridge talked about turning to The Godfather, specifically The Godfather: Part II for inspiration, as reported by […]

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‘The Crown’ Series Has Been Extended to Six Seasons

“Downton Abbey” Red Carpet – 14th Rome Film Fest 2019

If you’re a loyal fan of the Royal series The Crown, this update is for you. Originally, the Netflix series, which documents Queen Elizabeth II and her family from 1947 to the late 1990s, was planned for five seasons. But, it turns out, there’s more to cover and creator Peter Morgan needs more time and […]

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