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Colin Firth

10 Reasons Why Colin Firth Really Is the Perfect Gentleman

In his latest movie The Secret Garden, which is released in the U.S. via video on demand today (August 7), Colin Firth plays a sorrowful widower who’s too emotionally repressed – at first, anyway – to care for his recently orphaned niece. It’s a subtle, slow-burning role which he’ll surely play with his usual unshowy […]

David Hasselhoff For ‘Knight Rider’

1980s TV Series ‘Knight Rider’ Is Being Made Into a Movie

We just mentioned KITT from Knight Rider in a roundup of famous TV cars. Possibly it was a premonition that we’d be getting more of this talking car? It appears there is now a movie in the works for the popular TV series, reports  We can’t take all of the credit for this new […]


10 Things You Never Knew About ‘Doctor Who’ Actress Michelle Gomez

Michelle Gomez has created some of the most memorable TV characters of the past two decades – from hilariously deranged hospital liaison officer Sue White in cult sitcom Green Wing to super-strict headmistress Miss Pickwell in Bad Education, and of course classic Doctor Who baddie Missy a.k.a. The Master, the scheming nemesis of Peter Capaldi‘s […]

Steve Coogan As Alan Partridge – Book Signing

Listen: Steve Coogan Hosts a New Podcast as Alan Partridge

We just mentioned David Tennant having a second run with his podcast David Tennant Does a Podcast With… And now another Anglo regular, Steve Coogan, is stepping into podcast territory. Coogan doesn’t host the podcast as himself, though. He takes on the role of fictional DJ Alan Partridge in From The Oasthouse: The Alan Partridge […]

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