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Articles Tagged 'Would You Rather'

‘Would You Rather’ Question of the Day: ‘Tudors’ Edition

Our week of “Would You Rather” questions, in celebration of Graham Norton‘s new show premiering Saturday (December 3), has reached Hump Day, so to speak. Today, we venture into the lusty world of The Tudors and offer you this set of choices. (NOTE: we know there’s a bit of overlap between the two groups.) Would […]

WATCH: Five Outrageously Great Graham Norton Moments

Our friends at Buzzfeed have done yet another absolutely fabulous post ahead of the Saturday, December 3 premiere of Would You Rather? with Graham Norton — the 15 Outrageously Amazing Graham Norton Moments, going back as far as his So Graham Norton days. Well, we have a few chuckle-worthy additions we’d like to offer up. […]

WATCH: Your YouTube Guide to the British Panel Show

You gather a panel of random funny celebrities in front of a live studio audience, have them one-up each other on some broad topic, and let the hilarity and four-letter words fly. A quick-witted host awards points to the guests with the best answers. It’s part game show, part roundtable. Britain has perfected this format, […]

Would You Rather Live In Britain or America?

Given that you’re reading this blog, the answer to the above question would appear obvious. But our friends over at Buzzfeed are stoking the flames of our nations’ 300-year rivalry with their own post, pitting popular American things against their English counterparts. This is all in honor of the new panel show “Would You Rather? […]