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Love to Larp? 10 Fan Experiences to Put on Your Bucket List

So you’ve watched every episode of your favorite show, added a photo of it to your lockscreen, and got the t-shirt. Now what? Experience it in the flesh, that’s what. So-called “larps” (live action role-play) and other imaginative fan experiences are becoming more and more popular, encouraging viewers to get up off the sofa and experience beloved films […]

22nd Annual Critic’s Choice Awards

WATCH: ‘Westworld’ Stars Film ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Segment at SXSW

The second season of Westworld is set to premiere on April 22. As well, the second season of Apple’s Carpool Karaoke TV series began filming this past weekend (March 10). What better way to kick off the two crowd-pleasers, than to combine ’em? Westworld stars Evan Rachel Wood and James Marsden were at South by Southwest […]


WATCH: Android in ‘Westworld’ Trailer Contemplates Dreaming

The forthcoming TV series Westworld is a mind boggle. If humans know the pain of suffering, then why would one intelligent enough to create human-like androids program them to feel? That is something we’ve been pondering since the clips for the new HBO series have been rolling out. We’re not the only ones with questions. In the […]


WATCH: A New ‘Westworld’ Trailer is Here

HBO has released two new trailers for the upcoming series Westworld—the “mature version” and a second that is more safe for work. We’ll go with the PG look. In the premiere trailer, released in June, we met some of the characters and were introduced to the premise of the series, which is based on the 1973 movie […]


WATCH: Anthony Hopkins in New ‘Westworld’ Trailer

HBO has been promising a big-budget and ludicrously starry remake of the ’70s sci-fi classic Westworld since 2014, but now, after numerous delays, it seems it’s finally ready. And what better way to promote it than launch a trailer right before the start of Game of Thrones? Viewers settling down last night (June 19) to watch […]