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5 Unexpected Weather Updates on Live British TV

Predicting the weather is hard enough; presenting the weather can be just as unpredictable. We give weather presenters so much credit for taking on such a fickle task. Let’s take a peek at some unexpected weather moments caught on live British TV: 1. BBC Scotland received the royal treatment: 2. An ITV presenter had a […]

Britain Weather

Snapshot: 10 Photos of Britons Beating the Heat

This past winter felt particularly long in some parts of the U.S. The warm weather has finally arrived, and soon enough it will seem brutally hot. For those of you who think Britain is immune to the high temperatures that accompany the summer months, take a look at the below snapshot of Britons determined to […]


Extreme Weather, Animals, Landscapes and More: What to Expect in America

Britain is a safe place to live.  There are no deadly animals, little in the way of severe weather, and any earthquakes are so teeny tiny that they’re barely worth acknowledging. America, on the other hand … Temperatures When it comes to climate, the U.S. really does have something for everyone, from blistering cold to […]