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Articles Tagged 'Wallis Simpson'

WATCH: Madonna Retells Edward VIII’s Affair With Wallis Simpson

No stranger to scandal herself, you can see why Madonna chose the story of Edward VIII and Mrs Simpson as the topic of her second directorial offering W.E.. Setting the tone a world away from The King’s Speech, although clearly with a lot of the same certainties and ceremonies, her first (and possibly only) act […]

News Roundup: Robert Pattinson Gives A Tramp The Gift Of Music

Guitar shops are magical places. There are all of these beautiful, shiny instruments on the walls, and they’re all slightly different – Gretsches, Gibsons, Rickenbackers, Fenders – so any self-respecting string-twiddler will find themself entertaining the possibility of owning at least MOST of them, just to have a fully-rounded collection. Sadly, very few of us […]


Royal Roundup: Wallis Never Wanted to Marry Edward, Author Says

We all know about the famed romance of Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, widely viewed as one of the great love stories of the twentieth century, the real-life fairy tale of a king who gave up his empire for the woman he loved. And while there’s no question that Edward abdicated because of his love […]


Royal Roundup: Madonna Film Shows ‘Kinder, Gentler’ Wallis Simpson

More than seven decades after their distinctly anti-royal wedding, the romance between Edward VIII and American divorcée Wallis Simpson continues to fascinate. One of those fascinated by the couple has been Madonna, who like Simpson, knows first-hand what it’s like to be an American celebrity in Britain. Madge has just written and directed her own movie, W.E., […]

Five British Husbands And Their American Wives

The rules of love are difficult to define, constantly changing, draconian and libertarian at one and the same time, and hard to read through all the steam, but there are common threads which unite generations. Beautiful women fall for ugly men, that’s a common (and if I may say, rather snooty) observation that comes up […]


When Harry Met Chelsy

Due to her on-again-off-again relationship with Prince Harry, Chelsy Davy has become a point of fascination for many royal watchers. But who is she? BBC royal correspondent Peter Hunt takes a look.

Wallis Simpson: How an American Stole the Heart of a British King

Wallis Simpson never became Queen, but the Baltimore-raised society hostess did win the heart of a King. The 1930s love affair between Wallis, the American socialite, and King Edward VIII, ended with the King abdicating so he could be with the woman he adored. In those days, it was considered unacceptable for a British monarch […]