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Articles Tagged 'Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!'

The ‘Wait, Wait’ is Almost Over, Over

(OPENING MUSIC) ANGLOPHENIA HOST #1: If Anglophenia had a radio presence, we imagine it might sound something like a combination of the BBC (obviously) and National Public Radio, a sort of transatlantic sensibility tempered by a transcontinental sense of humor. Which is why we’re so excited about tomorrow night – BBC America teaming up with […]

WATCH: Neil Gaiman Reveals His Favorite ‘Doctor Who’ Moments of 2011

In our quest to name the very best Doctor Who moments of 2011, we sought out one particularly famous fan: Mr. Neil Gaiman himself. Yes, THE Neil Gaiman, the best-selling novelist and the man who wrote the much-beloved Season Six episode, “The Doctor’s Wife,” featuring a female embodiment of the TARDIS. Our crew visited Mr. […]

‘Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!’ Comes To BBC America

It’s always a thrill when a much-loved radio show makes the jump over to TV. Suddenly the faces you’ve been imagining are doing things of their own accord. The haircuts aren’t the same, the smiles at a different angle to those in  your mind. It’s like a blindfold being taken off at a surprise birthday […]