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Articles Tagged 'Vivienne Westwood'

Vivienne Westwood Shower

WATCH: Designer Vivienne Westwood Showers in Public for PETA

Fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood stripped down to her essentials–that would be her bright red lipstick and flamboyant colored eye make-up–in an advocacy ad for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). The commercial was introduced yesterday (March 18) in the U.K. Westwood, 72 and a longtime vegetarian, wears only a shower cap in the […]

Miss Piggy

Vivienne Westwood Designs Miss Piggy’s Wedding Dress

That’s right, longtime singleton Miss Piggy may be walking down the aisle in the upcoming film Muppets Most Wanted, which is set in London, reports Glamour UK. We can’t promise a wedding is going to happen, but there will indeed be a wedding dress designed by famed British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. Miss Piggy has […]

The Brit List: Five Great British Fashion Designers

London is widely regarded as one of the fashion capitals of the world, and with good reason. The UK has produced some of the world’s most influential designers and fashion trends. In honor of our Summer of London look at the UK’s best up-and-coming fashion figures, here are five enduring icons whose extraordinary contributions have helped […]

Royal Roundup: Did Prince Harry Risk Losing an Ear to Frostbite?

Just one month before his brother’s wedding, while Prince Harry was on a trek in one of the world’s most inhospitable climates, the Arctic, he reportedly almost lost an ear to frostbite. Harry told his father, the Prince of Wales, and his brother, Prince William, about the trip in advance, and both were wary of […]

Royal Roundup: Prince Harry Could Miss the Diamond Jubilee

Prince Harry‘s superior officers in the Army have reportedly told him that he shouldn’t count on being able to attend the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations next June. Harry, a captain, is currently in training as a helicopter pilot. “We need all the Apache helicopter pilots we have, and, with our commitments in Libya as well […]