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Articles Tagged 'Viral Video'

“Sky News” Reports (Pic: YouTube)

WATCH: The Best Prank News Videobomb Ever

Pranking live news media is a sport that has a long and ignoble tradition, whether by accidentally walking into reporters as they’re speaking to camera, shouting something obscene behind them, or jumping around behind the camera and trying to put them off. But this video seems to take the art to a brand new height. […]

Status Quo’s mince commercial

Status WHOAH!

Before we even get into this bizarre commercial, you need to know that you’re being manipulated. I’m being manipulated, we’re all being manipulated. There’s a clip on this page which only exists because the people who made it wanted, dreamed, demanded that it be sent all over the internet, only blogs such as this, so […]

What Are They Doing to This Poor Cat? (VIDEO)

If you don’t know who Jedward are, they’re twins, they’re Irish, they made fools of themselves on the British X Factor (all the way to the bank), they wear their hair in sky-high quiffs, they’ve met Obama, AND they’ve found a nice little niche as minor Internet celebrities. And just recently they have posted a […]