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Articles Tagged 'Viral News'

“Sky News” Reports (Pic: YouTube)

WATCH: The Best Prank News Videobomb Ever

Pranking live news media is a sport that has a long and ignoble tradition, whether by accidentally walking into reporters as they’re speaking to camera, shouting something obscene behind them, or jumping around behind the camera and trying to put them off. But this video seems to take the art to a brand new height. […]

Bad British Commentary

WATCH: ‘Bad British Commentary’ Delights ‘NFL’ Fans

Here’s a weekend treat for you sports fans, and one that is proving to be surprisingly popular among, y’know, not sports fans too. Anthony Richardson is a writer and comedian and YouTube sketch enthusiast, and he makes these delightful sport skits under the banner of Bad British Commentary. As you can probably guess, the gag […]

Naughty passengers will be crushed

The Best Of London Underground’s Spoof Signs

There appears to be a rash of funny stickers infecting the trains on the London underground at present. Some of them are daft, some are satirical, but almost all of them are amazing. Here’s a selection of the best (taken from the Facebook group Stickers On The Central Line):   Note the frayed edges there, […]