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5 Romantic Thrillers ‘Killing Eve’s’ Villanelle Would Approve Of

Heard in the office: “Valentine’s Day is here again?? Already!?” Yep, it is. For some reason this Hallmark holiday stirs up a bunch of emotions for both loved-up couples and singletons alike. But, let’s think about it this way, would Killing Eve‘s Villanelle (Jodie Comer) lose any sleep over whether or not she had plans? […]

2017 Tribeca Film Festival After Party For Permission Sponsored By Heineken At Up And Down

10 Films to Help Manage Your V-Day Expectations

Valentine’s Day can play havoc with one’s emotions. Sure, it’s great to go out and celebrate shared love with another person. But it can also ramp up feelings of self-doubt, whether single or in coupledom. It’s helpful that there are a bunch of movies out there that pay homage to the complexities of romance. Like Permission (released Feb. 9), starring Rebecca […]


WATCH: Idris Elba Swaps Notes with Pint-Sized Fans About Dating Etiquette

With Valentine’s Day sneaking up on us, (that’s right, February 14 is nearing. What to do…?) Luther star Idris Elba had a sit-down with a few young admirers to get some dating advice. Elba doesn’t really seem like he’s lacking in the romance department, but with these particular fans being 10-years-old or younger, he may get some straightforward answers he wouldn’t […]

Bad Wolf Bay

10 of the Most Romantic Moments in ‘Doctor Who’

There is no shortage of romance in Doctor Who, it’s just it often manifests as either love-thwarting tragedy or gets hidden beneath Zygon-snogging euphemism because of the age range of the audience. So here are 10 moments that can attest to the power of love, even when is being tested to breaking point by alien […]


Brit Binge Watching: Five Steamy Films You Can View Online

Valentine’ Day is one of those days that people really get worked up over. It’s fun to celebrate love whether it be romantical, a friend or a family member. But, please, don’t beat yourself up if you’re not going out on a hawt date. Instead, let’s tune-in to some steamy, not so sweet, British films […]

England Jean Simmons is Kissed 1949

Snapshot: 10 Sweet Smooches From Celebrity Brits

Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, coming up this Friday, February 14. V-Day is celebrated in both the U.S. and U.K. with the typical sentiments being exchanged like cards, flowers, dinner, chocolates and lacy underclothes … just to name a handful of displays of affection. Some people get worked […]

Awkward Elevator Ride

5 Clues That You’re Becoming Americanized, Brits

Brits may claim that their accents haven’t changed, mine hasn’t after more than twenty years here (see what I mean?) but there’s no doubt that, after a while, Americanisms seep in all the same. From the ever-so-slight rhotic R to the “Have a nice day”, we all succumb to some degree. 1. Talking at a […]

Candy Hearts, 460×300,

Valentine’s Day: American Style

In the U.K., it’s very common to get someone else to write out your Valentine’s cards. They’re supposed to be sent anonymously to the object of your heart’s desire, hence the need to disguise the writing. Brits in the U.S. are often surprised at how massive Valentine’s Day is here, and at the fact that […]

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