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Articles Tagged 'US vs UK'

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Five Tiny U.S. Phrases With Opposite Meanings In The U.K.

Two nations sharing a common language will always come up with regional variations in how they choose to express themselves, but some expressions appear to be trying to cause trouble, albeit in a really innocuous way. Why else would simple words doggedly take opposite meanings, depending on where they are used? Why else would you […]

The Virginia Tech Massacre: The British Perspective

U.S. news coverage/commentary of yesterday’s tragedy has become so repetitive and fatiguing that it may be useful to gather perspective from other news sources. Here’s some of the coverage from the UK: Queen Elizabeth II, who will be coming to Virginia next month for the 400th anniversary of Jamestown, is “shocked and saddened” by the […]

Close The Borders: British Actors Will Work For Food

The New York Times has an article about all of the British actors who come over here, expertly feign Yankee accents, and take all of our TV roles. Hugh Laurie was the first to make the jump, and now UK actors like Damian Lewis, Ray Stevenson, Kevin McKidd, Tom Conti, and Julian Sands have followed […]

New York Magazine Wades Into New York v. London

Continuing last week's brawl started by The Times' James Harding, New York Magazine has taken up the battle between New York and London. This time, it's the Big Apple that's on the defensive. "New York emerges as the suspicious, security-addled city that long ago turned its back on its wonderful waterways, that lost out on […]

Is London the Capital of the World?

James Harding caused quite the stir this week when he declared in The Times that London “the capital of the world.” Mostly, he suggested that London was quickly surpassing New York as a dominant financial center, but he also cited the city’s growing status as the world’s cultural center. However, his missive actually exposes a […]