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The Daily Politics

WATCH: How To Stop An Argument With Queen And Technology

Political journalism is a terribly serious business. There is no scope, in the middle of an angry row about, say, Prime Minister’s Question Time, for any form of levity, in case it looks as though you are mocking the very strongly-held and passionate feelings that your interviewee either genuinely has or is pretending to have […]

Watch: Nick Clegg, The British Politician Going For A Song

Other people’s politics are often hard to understand from a distance, especially when you’re dealing with ingrained attitudes towards political parties, their emblems and colors, and the people who lead them. So this tale might take a little explaining, bear with me. During the British general election of 2010, the Liberal Democrats, as part of […]

New Doctor Who Trailer. Plus: Panic on the Streets of London

Two separate stories are dominating the UK press today – the Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead trailer has been released, and a whole lotta people are actin’ a fool over in London at the G20 summit. Funny note: you’ll probably see more black people in the Doctor Who trailer than in all of the […]

Obama Drama Sweeps London for the G20 Summit

The Daily Telegraph is stalking President Obama and First Lady Michelle through London using Google Maps. And they have a really snarky live-blog commentary going on as well. Like you just know the writers are mincing about in their cravats as they come up with their little zingers. They like their Obama lightly-roasted…not flamebroiled. Here’s […]

The British Press Is Up in Arms Over “Obamagate”

Oh, do clutch the pearls, darlings. The Brits are in a right tizzy over President Barack Obama‘s perceived snub of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. So, the story goes, Brown was denied a customary press conference with flags during his U.S. visit and was forced into a rushed meet-and-greet in the Oval Office. To add […]