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Articles Tagged 'UK'

Personality Quiz: Which U.K. Nation Are You?

National identity can act like a magnet that brings some people together and pushes others apart with equal strength. And to make the magnetic fields even more complicated, as a combination nation, the United Kingdom has its own national identity, but then the individual national identities of the four countries (also called the home nations) […]


10 Things Americans Love About Living in Britain

Like many true Anglophiles, my eyes light up at just the thought of making a visit to the U.K. I adore being abroad; anything is possible. While every day may bring a new adventure when living in Britain, here’s a list of the most common things Americans fall in love with, almost as soon as […]


10 Tips for Cheap Airfares from the U.S. to the U.K.

Airfares have shot up in recent years, largely because of increased taxes and fuel charges. We are all feeling the impact of the recession and want to save money. So the pressure is more intense than ever to find the cheapest flights between the U.K. and U.S. A dozen scheduled airlines fly to the U.S. […]

University of Chicago Emergency Room (Photo via AP)

10 Tips for Brits on Surviving the U.S. Healthcare System

As you may have gathered from this summer’s furor over the Supreme Court’s healthcare verdict of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, the subject of what to do if you fall ill in the U.S. – and, more to the point, who pays for it – is a hot topic with many Americans. If they detect […]

As Temps Drop, British Music Fans Seek Warmth

So, here’s how the UK Top 3 currently stands: 1: Tinie Tempah ft. Eric Turner – “Written In The Stars”2: Bruno Mars – “Just The Way You Are”3: Labrinth – “Let The Sun Shine” They are, respectively, a song about the redemptive power of working hard and believing in yourself, a song about how astonishingly […]