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Articles Tagged 'U.S. Travel'


Spring Holidays: Ideas for Brits in America

For some, American winters have us yearning for above-freezing temps (no gloating, you warm-weather Brits). Given the variety of destinations in the U.S., it’s always nice to plan a short trip in the spring to dust off the cobwebs and, for many, the icicles too. Skiing However, if you’re a ski bunny and want to […]


Traveling State-To-State in America: Things to Keep in Mind

Although it’s all one, big United States of America, there are some differences between the states to bear in mind when traveling around the country. Time differences There are four time zones in the continental U.S. (Pacific, Mountain, Central and Eastern), and it’s important to know when you’re crossing those zone lines. When flying, your […]


Bucket List: 6 Things British Expats Must Do Before Leaving America

As we know, this country is huge and varied, so a real bucket list could fill a book. However, there are a few things I’d recommend all Brits in America do while they’re here. (Please feel free to add your recommendations below.) Eat something you’d never find in the U.K. Although many American food chains […]