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Articles Tagged 'trends'


’80s Movie Stars: Where Are They Now?

Are you pining for the 1980s? Pegged jeans may not be coming back any time soon (thank goodness), but some of our favorite films are making a resurgence. The return may be in the form of sequels like with Terminator Genisys and Indiana Jones 5, or a complete reboot with this weekend’s (July 15) premiere of the female-driven Ghostbusters. We […]

The Big Bang Theory, Season Three

The Unbeatable Turtleneck: Who Wore it Best?

Fashion trends come and go, but the turtleneck has held strong since English writer Noël Coward popularized the conservative look in the 1920s. The top can be flattering for both men and women, being one of those, “I’m not trying too hard,” fashion-forward moves. Who wouldn’t want to pull on a turtleneck: it’s super flattering and elongating. The cool […]