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Articles Tagged 'travel tips'


8 Things to Consider Before Moving Pets to America

Can’t stand the thought of giving up your very British bulldog just because you’re relocating to America? So, bring him with you. But before you crate up your mutt or moggy, consider the following. Are they likely to thrive abroad? Be honest and ask yourself if your beloved furry friend will be able to cope […]


Traveling State-To-State in America: Things to Keep in Mind

Although it’s all one, big United States of America, there are some differences between the states to bear in mind when traveling around the country. Time differences There are four time zones in the continental U.S. (Pacific, Mountain, Central and Eastern), and it’s important to know when you’re crossing those zone lines. When flying, your […]


Tips for Easy Travel During the Winter Season (from #MindTheChat)

As thousands of expats embark on journeys back to Britain and within the U.S. for Christmas, we teamed up with BBC Travel and a host of other knowledgeable jet-setters for a #MindTheChat on Twitter last Wednesday (November 20) to discuss holiday tips. Here are a few of the helpful gems that emerged from that conversation: […]


How to Fly With Kids: A British Expat’s Guide

At some stage, we’ve all been the passenger in front of the child who’s decided his in-flight entertainment will be pummeling the back of your seat for seven hours with his tiny devil feet. And then there’s the baby a couple of rows down who doing its best exorcist impression. To your left, it’s those […]