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Premiere Of STX’s “Poms” – Arrivals

An American Abroad: 8 Expat Films That Scratch the Itch to Travel

Diane Keaton stars in IFC Films’ family drama Hampstead, releasing today (June 14). Keaton plays an American woman living in London, who lost her husband a year ago. She’s “mum” to her grown son, Philip (James Norton). Her life gets a refreshing jolt of energy when meeting an Irish man (Brendan Gleeson) living in  shed […]


10 Reasons You Should Visit the Cook Islands

The wondrous Cook Islands in the South Pacific were briefly taken over by the cast and crew of BBC AMERICA’s supernatural thriller Tatau. In the eight-part series we meet two British backpackers who arrive to the island paradise, where weird things happen. The first episode kicks off this coming Saturday, April 18 at 10/9c. Let’s get […]

UK Landmarks – Windsor

Snapshot: 10 of the U.K.’s Oldest Castles Still Standing

We could easily spend an entire trip to the U.K. castle-hopping. These stunning structures have been through a lot, aged by battle and time; we give these 10 castles credit for standing strong: 1. Windsor Castle 2. Warwick Castle 3. Rochester Castle  4. Dover Castle 5. Killyleagh Castle 6. Edinburgh Castle 7. Conwy Castle 8. Eilean […]


Spring Holidays: Ideas for Brits in America

For some, American winters have us yearning for above-freezing temps (no gloating, you warm-weather Brits). Given the variety of destinations in the U.S., it’s always nice to plan a short trip in the spring to dust off the cobwebs and, for many, the icicles too. Skiing However, if you’re a ski bunny and want to […]


8 Things to Consider Before Moving Pets to America

Can’t stand the thought of giving up your very British bulldog just because you’re relocating to America? So, bring him with you. But before you crate up your mutt or moggy, consider the following. Are they likely to thrive abroad? Be honest and ask yourself if your beloved furry friend will be able to cope […]


American Beaches: What Brits Should Know

If you’re vacationing in the U.S. in the summer, it might well involve a beach. Not only are there beaches around the edges (and off the mainland in Hawaii), but because this country has thousands of inland lakes, there are tons in the middle too. Chicago, for example, is situated on Lake Michigan’s shores and […]

Cock-A-Dobby, Sandhurst

Revealed: The Most Embarrasing Street Names In Britain

As anyone who has ever seen Benny Hill in action can confirm, the British are a nation obsessed with innuendo and saucy slang. They’ve been twisting the meaning of innocent words to make them smutty for centuries. However, when looking over the list of most embarrassing street names compiled by the property site (and […]

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