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John Barrowman Shares His Dream Idea for a Hypothetical ‘Torchwood’ Movie

It’s been eight years since the fourth and most recent season of Torchwood, but star John Barrowman and writer-creator Russell T Davies are still sharing fun ideas with one another. Barrowman, who originated the iconic role of Captain Jack Harkness in Doctor Who before fronting the rather darker spin-off series, revealed that he and Davies recently chatted […]


‘Torchwood’ Cast Reunite for New Audio Series

That’s right, they’re getting the old team back together! Hot on the heels of the news that Captain Jack and Ianto have reunited, the latest development in the Torchwood saga is that a new audio drama miniseries called Torchwood: Outbreak is due to be released in November. For the first time in seven years, it’ll see […]

John Barrowman Portrait Session And Book Signing At Book Soup

WATCH: John Barrowman Takes a Spill on Live TV

First things first, John Barrowman is okay. We repeat, he is okay. The Torchwood actor swung by U.K.’s Loose Women, a round table show similar to The View in the U.S., for a chat. He was just hanging about, literally, with his legs up on the table and leaned back a little too far. It is […]

Gareth David-Lloyd and John Barrowman in ‘Torchwood: Broken’

WATCH: ‘Torchwood’ Pair Jack and Ianto Reunite

Ianto’s demise was one of the most memorable moments in Torchwood, leading heartbroken fans to build an actual shrine to the mild-mannered alien hunter in the middle of Cardiff. But here’s what’s handy about time rifts: they let you turn back time. John Barrowman and Gareth David-Lloyd have done exactly that, reprising their characters Captain Jack and Ianto […]


‘Torchwood’ To Return in Comic Book Form

Having started out life on our screens, Torchwood was adapted into audio plays for our speakers—and soon we’ll be able to hold it in our grubby little hands. According to io9, Titan Comics announced yesterday (April 13) that Captain Jack and his team would soon be starting out on new adventures in a series of comics. […]

John Barrowman and his OBE (Pic: WPA Pool/Getty Images)

10 Times John Barrowman Won the Internet

Pinning John Barrowman down (not like that) to just 10 memorable encounters (or that) is no mean feat. He’s got so many strings to his bow (so to speak) that just sifting through his archive of saucy experiences is practically a full-time job. Here are, then, 10 things John Barrowman has done that only he […]


The Cast of ‘Torchwood’: Where Are They Now?

Writer Russell T. Davies‘ Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood kicked off in 2006 and ran for four seasons, ending in 2011. The series is set in Cardiff, Wales, revolving around a group of alien hunters who work out of the Torchwood Institute. Let’s check in on the cast and see what they’re up to: 1. John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness) […]

10 Years After the Rebirth of ‘Doctor Who’

To begin at the beginning. Exactly 10 years ago today (March 26), TV trails like this one were being played out across the BBC in anticipation of the re-launch of a beloved British television institution: There were subtle echoes of the past in the very first shot, that long corridor that looked like the spiraling […]

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