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Articles Tagged 'Top Gear Thursday'


Top Gear Thursday: Our Show ‘Continually Surprises Us,’ Says Hammond

Speaking to the BBC, Top Gear’s Richard Hammond says even the hosts are amazed about what they discover as they make the show. “Top Gear‘s got bigger and bigger over the years, and it continually surprises us,” Hammond said. “We set out to make the best and most entertaining car journey that we could. That’s […]


Top Gear Thursday: Hammond, May and Clarkson Tackle Tough Scientific Questions

Richard Hammond isn’t a scientist but he sometimes plays one on TV. He’s currently the host for a National Geographic show, airing in the U.K., called Science of Stupid, which explains the real science behind zany YouTube clips. Hammond told the Birmingham Mail that he would have liked to have been a real scientist but […]


Top Gear Thursday: Watch the World’s Fastest Lawn Mower

It’s official. Top Gear magazine and Honda, working in tandem, have broken the world speed record for a lawn mower. And yes, Top Gear wasn’t quite sure about the pressing need for a lawn mower that goes 116.575 miles per hour, but they knew about the pressing need to get the Guinness Book of World […]


Top Gear Thursday: Check Out TG-Inspired Real-Life Challenges

Top Gear travels all over the planet, finding inspiration for its epic challenges in real world places from Burma to the Arctic. But, like many of the roads traveled by Top Gear, it’s a two-way street, as fans have devised their Top Gear-inspired challenges. Local businesses in the British town of Crawley in West Sussex […]


Top Gear Thursday: Relive the Wild Ride of Season 21

It’s all over but the clowning. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May got together on the last studio shoot of Season 21 to reflect on this series’ highlights. “I think this series has gone down jolly well,” Clarkson said, adding that Chernobyl was the most amazing place he’d ever visited—and that the McLaren P1 […]


Top Gear Thursday: Our Heroes Attempt to Build Their Own Bridge on the River Kwai

If you’re at all familiar with the travel antics of Top Gear, you probably know that Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May aren’t exactly David Lean-style heroes. (Clarkson of Arabia?) But that isn’t stopping the three plucky hosts from trying to emulate the characters in Lean’s World War II epic The Bridge on the […]

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