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Articles Tagged 'Top Gear Live'


Top Gear Thursday: Clarkson, May and Hammond Go to Ukraine

In next week’s show, our intrepid hosts demonstrate their … intrepidity (it’s a word, honest, we looked it up) on a trip to Ukraine, a journey which ends up in the heart of Chernobyl. A reviewer for the Telegraph wrote that it is “undoubtedly one of the eeriest, most spine-chilling sequences I’ve seen on Top […]


Top Gear Thursday: WATCH – Season 21 is Coming!

That’s right, the new season of Top Gear is on its way. reports that series 21 will begin airing early next month, Sunday, Feb. 2, to be precise, on BBC Two in the UK, so it’s only a short matter of time before we know when the new season will debut stateside. This past […]


Top Gear Thursday: World’s Biggest Gearhead Is… an Owl?

It’s old news that Top Gear is the world’s most popular factual program. Among humans, that is. But now it appears that Top Gear is also extremely popular among owls. Okay, it’s one owl, so the sampling size isn’t that large. But still, this particular owl, an Asian brown wood owl named Haru, is completely […]


Top Gear Thursday: Show Fan Builds McLaren F1 with Only $32,000

Here’s a problem that you might have. You’d like to own a McLaren F1, but you’re just a little short of $5.5 million, which is what one of the supercars sold for at auction last year. Oh, and that’s assuming that you could even find one for sale—only about 70 road models were made, and […]


Top Gear Thursday: ‘Top 41’ Special is a Race to the Top

Viewers of Top Gear are often treated to epic challenges, but in next week’s program, Richard Hammond undertakes a different kind of epic challenge: winnowing down the show’s top 41 moments over the past two decades. You’ll see them all when Top Gear’s Top 41 special premieres on BBC AMERICA this Monday, October 14 at 9p/8c. But […]


Top Gear Thursday: Richard Hammond on the 130-Car Crash in Kent

“There’s nothing nastier than fog,” wrote Richard Hammond last week after an astounding 130-car pile-up on a highway bridge in Kent, on England’s south east coast. Dozens of people were injured as wave after wave of cars entered the dense fog and were unable to stop before hitting already immobile vehicles. Witnesses said the series […]

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