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Jeremy Paxman

Why America Needs Jeremy Paxman To Be Its New British Scold

Let’s not mince words: Americans love being told off by the Brits on TV. I don’t fully claim to understand the psychology, but I should imagine part of it is listening to the sneering contempt dripping from an upper crust (and it is always upper crust) British voice and feeling a) relief that you are […]


10 Signs That You’ll Never Move Back to Britain

Have you always assumed you’d return to the homeland when the timing was right? Take note: many expats love their new American life so much they decide to stay put. Read on to find out if you’re one of them. 1. Americans are your new best friends You rarely call the few Brits whose faded […]


60th Anniversary of Royal Yacht Britannia

Ahoy there, matey. Please doff your sailor’s cap to honor a bit of British nautical history. It was sixty years ago today (April 16) that Queen Elizabeth II christened Britannia, the last in a long line of royal yachts that date back to the 17th century. For Elizabeth, Britannia was a floating royal residence, a […]

Infamous British Political Scandals: ‘Cash for Honours’

  “Follow the money.” It’s always about cash, even in political scandals, as we see in this week’s installment of Infamous British Political Scandals. Think of the “Cash for Honours” furor as England’s version of the Rod Blagojevich scandal writ large – and perhaps with white wigs replacing the Illinois governor’s famous hairdo. Blagojevich was […]

Robert Plant Annoyed By Led Zeppelin Comeback Chatter

To the Led Zeppelin fans out there who are still holding out hope for a reunion, cool it already. Robert Plant isn’t interested. In the new issue of Rolling Stone, the 62-year-old English singer/songwriter reveals that he quite enjoyed performing with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones during a tribute show honoring the late music […]

Roundup: Cherie Blair Sells Tony’s Autograph on eBay

Cherie Blair obviously has enough money to own seven homes with her husband, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, but never mind her efforts in putting her famous spouse’s signature on eBay. Come again? Mrs. Blair auctioned the autograph at the starting price of $39 (£25) and marketed it as as a “bookplate” that fits […]

Tony Blair Defends George W. Bush’s Intelligence on ‘Letterman’

Last night, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair joined The Late Show with David Letterman to push his much-discussed memoir, A Journey. Of course, we knew that Letterman would address the elephant in the room, which was Blair’s tight friendship with our mercilessly mocked former President George W. Bush. Letterman danced around his real question, […]

The Tellyvangelist: October 4 – 10

In today’s Tellyvangelist – your weekly guide to what’s British on American TV – we preview the return of Tim Roth‘s Lie To Me, Tony Blair on Letterman, Sir Patrick Stewart on The View, a night of cult UK horror films, and a British housewife from D.C. with a laser-sharp tongue. What will you be […]

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