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Articles Tagged 'Today's UK Twitter Trends'

Today’s UK Twitter Trends (May 2): Osama bin Laden

The death of the world’s most wanted man has broken all records on Twitter. Already, the columns are pouring in (out?) about the role Twitter has played in public reaction to the event, just as there were those who pointed to Friday’s royal wedding as the first social media news event. It used to be […]

Today’s UK Twitter Trends (Apr. 29): Kiss Me, Kate

“Never, in the history of Britain, have so many waited for a kiss between so few,” tweeted mikeysnewquest‎. It turned out to be two kisses, but Mikey’s reworking of Winston Churchill got the sense of anticipation just right. So here, through tweets from the UK, is an anatomy of a kiss. The anticipation for a […]

Today’s UK Twitter Trends (Apr. 28): The Royal Wedding, Part 2

Because there’s so much anticipation building for tomorrow, and there are just so many people tweeting about the royal wedding, here’s a second installment of today’s UK Twitter Trends. Mashable reports that “tweets about the Royal Wedding have quadrupled since the beginning of the month, averaging nearly 5,000 per hour over the last week and […]

Today’s UK Twitter Trends (Apr. 28): The Royal Wedding

All things royal are trending twee-mendously today. This just in — Twitter reports about the dress: TeleFashion: Has Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen let the cat out of the bag? #RoyalWedding…. ELLEUK: Sarah Burton seen heading in to the Goring? Or someone very much like her. Hooray if it is…!#royalwedding The Media and Celebrities GeorgeMichael: I’m told that Kate has […]

Today’s UK Twitter Trends (Apr. 27): Imogen Thomas, Michael Winner

We’re looking at two people who have been trending today on Twitter in the UK – Michael Winner, for a famous phrase he’s said many times, and Imogen Thomas, for a famous name she can’t say at all. Imogen Thomas The former Big Brother contestant has acknowledged that she had an affair with a married soccer star […]

Today’s UK Twitter Trends (Apr. 26): Andrew Marr ‘Embarrassed’ by Super-Injunction

The only law that the peculiar British “super-injunction” seems guaranteed to uphold is the law of unintended consequences. A quick reminder: a super-injunction is a court-issued gag order preventing the media from reporting on a certain person or subject. Media outlets that violate a super-injunction can be prosecuted and fined. But it’s become increasingly obvious […]

Today’s UK Twitter Trends (Apr. 22): Louise Bagshawe on BBC1

MP Louise Bagshawe is trending on Twitter in the UK today because she’s just appeared on the BBC1 current events game show Have I Got News For You. In addition to being a Conservative member of parliament for Corby in Northamptonshire, she is an author of many “chick lit” books, including Venus Envy (1998), A […]

Today’s UK Twitter Trends (Apr. 20): Remembering Elisabeth Sladen

Remembrances and condolences for Elisabeth Sladen are trending on Twitter in the UK. Colleagues and fans alike were saddened by the death of the 63-year-old actress, who played Doctor Who companion Sarah Jane Smith for four decades. Tweets reflected their sorrow and their appreciation of her work. SFXmagazine: SFX is shocked at saddened at the […]

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