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Articles Tagged 'things British expats will miss'

‘What If I Never Moved to the U.S.?’ Asks Brit in America

I don’t have many regrets in life. Having made the decision to relocate 4,000 miles from one country to another, this is probably a good thing, especially in light of some of the challenges that come with such a relocation. That said, it is interesting to consider what my life would have been like had […]

Freshly Mowed Grass

10 British Smells You’ll Miss When You Leave the U.K.

Your nose is a delicate, easily offended piece of equipment. Move out of the country and your British-born snout will mourn these familiar British scents. Cut grass The scent of freshly mowed British lawn—then later sweetly putrefying silage—is our most comforting outdoorsy smell. It cannot be satisfactorily replicated anywhere else in the world. Bonus points, […]