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Articles Tagged 'Things Americans Do'

Mad Men, Lobster Bib

10 Adorable Things Americans Do (According to Brits)

It’s time to take a breather from telling you about all the American things we Brits think are weird, daft or amusing. Some of the stuff they do is just plain delightful. 1. Going out for dessert Like wide-eyed Lost Boys, Americans live for the sweet stuff. And this means it’s perfectly fine to head […]

Keeping Cool, One

Summer in the States – Keeping Your Cool

Whatever their winters, many states in the U.S. experience significant heat in the summer. Obviously there are places that never get too unbearable, but across a lot of the country temperatures often hit the 90’s (32+ Celsius). In many areas, there’s also humidity, which makes everything so much worse and is unlike anything we experience […]


Brunch, Baseball and Four Other American Crazes That’ll Drive You Crazy

America has been at the forefront of innovation and cultural trends, but when it swings and misses, it really misses. Here are six U.S. crazes apparently thought up just to annoy Brits: Putting dogs in purses That all-American heroine Paris Hilton pioneered the trend of stuffing miniature hounds into handbags. Now everyone’s doing it. Which […]