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Madonna at the Brit Awards 2015 (Photo: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

10 Greatest Live TV Moments of 2015

Now that all TV ends up getting archived on the internet somewhere, the gulf between that which is broadcast live, that which is broadcast as if live, and that which is edited for future enjoyment is getting smaller all the time. So, in gathering up the best of the year’s gaffes, spoofs, interviews and how-do-you-dos, […]

The X Factor

‘The X Factor’ Goes To College

I don’t know why no one saw this coming before it did… Bishop Aukland College in County Durham has launched a bespoke 17-week course that claims to prepare performers for an audition on The X Factor. They’re not being prepared for any other aspect of the performing arts, you understand, this is specifically for that […]

Simon Cowell Sued For Stealing The X Factor

The story so far: British TV executive Simon Fuller develops a reality show based around auditions for a new pop band. It’s called Popstars and it does very well, making stars out of two bands (Hear’Say and Liberty X) and one of the judges, Nigel Lithgoe, who effectively plays a pantomime villain role in proceedings, […]

Simon Cowell: ‘I Sacked Cheryl For Her Own Good’

Simon Cowell has finally broken his silence on what happened to Cheryl Cole and the US version of the X Factor, and of course, being Simon Cowell, some of what he had to say is infuriating. That’s his job. As part of the final announcement that Nicole Scherzinger will be replacing her permanently, he revealed […]

Report: Cheryl Cole Dropped from U.S. ‘X Factor’

According to TMZ, Cheryl Cole has been axed from the U.S. X Factor. What? Already? Cole’s English accent, as well as her “lack of chemistry” with fellow panelist Paula Abdul are apparently being blamed for her sudden departure. And TMZ is also saying that producers are looking for the 27-year-old Girls Aloud star to return […]

Adele Only Has Eyes For Rihanna’s Thighs

When it comes to physical attraction, we all have different preferences as to what makes a hot mama or a super studmuffin. Some people like eyes, some like teeth, and the pop singer Adele likes a good pair of thighs. So much so, that she’s doesn’t appear to be too fussy about who’s got ’em. […]

Report: Simon Cowell Leaves Britain’s ‘X Factor’

Did Simon Cowell take his dear mum’s concerns to heart? According to The Daily Mail, the British entertainment exec has reportedly quit the British version of The X Factor. Right now, he wants to focus solely on the U.S. installment that’s kicking off this September and doesn’t want to over extend himself while doing so. […]

New TV Show Torments Singing Celebrities For Fun

Before you read this story, you must first know this. We’re sorry. The UK is about to unleash a new type of celebrity reality endurance show on unsuspecting viewers. It’s a format which takes other celebrity reality endurance shows and kind of mashes them together in order to make a new celebrity reality endurance show, […]

Boy George: ‘I Would be Great’ for UK ‘X Factor’

As we already know, there’s been lots of changes happening in the X Factor world. Will Cheryl Cole travel stateside to join Simon Cowell for its U.S. remake later this year? Will Cowell return to Britain for season eight? If there’s an extra spot open on the UK panel, there is one celebrity who would […]

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