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Articles Tagged 'The Woman in Black'

The Brit List: Red Carpet Interviews with Daniel Radcliffe and Jonah Hill

The Brit List’s Asha Leo caught up with two of Hollywood’s hottest current stars — Daniel Radcliffe and Oscar nominee Jonah Hill — on BAFTA’s red carpet. First up, Radcliffe beams about the success of his first post-Potter foray, The Woman in Black: And Jonah Hill chats about how Moneyball has catapulted him outside the […]

How to Succeed in the Film Business Without ‘Harry Potter’

In his first post-Harry Potter film role, Daniel Radcliffe, who has said he wants “longevity” in his career, still finds himself caught up in the supernatural. In The Woman in Black, a spooky horror film, the young British star plays a lawyer sent to a remote house in the English countryside to sort through the […]

WATCH: Daniel Radcliffe on Alan Rickman’s Oscar Snub

“The one thing I would have loved was for Alan Rickman to get nominated,” declared Daniel Radcliffe in an interview this week. On commenting on the last Harry Potter film, Radcliffe said, “I think what Alan does with that character, with the world watching you expecting that scene to be a certain way, was amazing.” […]

WATCH: ‘The Woman in Black’ Teaser, Starring Daniel Radcliffe

There there, dear Harry Potter fans. I know, July 15 is going to be somewhat bittersweet when part two of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows opens in theaters worldwide. And even though it’s the end of the beloved film series, Daniel Radcliffe‘s days with the supernatural kind is far from over. In James Watkins‘ […]