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Articles Tagged 'The Verve'

To Celebrate Independence Day: Five British Breakup Songs

It’s always hard, seeing someone you love going off and doing well for themselves, leaving you stuck behind, in the same old rut, forever. So while Americans set off fireworks and generally celebrate the July 4 fun, us Brits, if we feel anything at all, are left with a slightly bittersweet aftertaste about the whole […]

Arctic Monkeys Explain Why They Aren’t Big in the States

Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders explains to The Winston-Salem Journal why his band isn’t big here in America. One reason: “In England, somebody hears about a band and the next day everyone’s talking about them, whereas here it takes a lot longer. It depends on what you’re willing to do, I think. Unless you’re willing […]

Britpop Band The Verve Reforms; Talk Show Legend Parkinson Retires

Britpop band The Verve have announced that they have officially reunited, are recording new material, and will tour the UK this fall. Crazy, no? As Gigwise reports, “It seems that Nick McCabe and Richard Ashcroft have finally buried the hatchet, after hitting the studio with other band members Pete Salisbury and Simon Jones last week.” […]