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WATCH: Matt Smith’s Tearful Final Moments as the Doctor

It’s always fun to take a look behind the scenes on a Doctor Who shoot, not least because there are usually a few explosions, some outlandish sets and actors in strange costumes, with difficult dialogue to deliver, trying to find the emotional core of a character that has been rendered in plastic, rubber and computer-graphics. […]

Matt Smith, naked – The Time of the Doctor

‘Doctor Who’: 11 Great ‘Time of the Doctor’ Moments… in GIFs

“The Time of the Doctor,” this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special, put some closure on Matt Smith‘s time in the TARDIS and introduced us to Peter Capaldi‘s Time Lord. For a detailed recap of the episode, check out Fraser McAlpine‘s post on the special. But here’s a look at some of the episode’s best moments […]

‘Doctor Who’ Recap: ‘The Time of the Doctor’

Obvious note: Spoilers. So, we’re out in space, spinning around an unimportant blue/green planet, surrounded by the combined armies of all of the terrifying space rotters there have ever been (and the Tereleptils). They’ve been drawn there by a mysterious signal, one that really seems to push their buttons, or in the case of the […]

The Time of the Doctor – Turkey

WATCH: The Doctor and Clara Cook Christmas Dinner

Here’s a delightful little clip from the forthcoming Doctor Who Christmas special “The Time of the Doctor,” and one that is not unduly concerned with Daleks, Cybermen (wooden or otherwise), Silences, regenerations or any other imminent matters arising in Trenzalore. No, there’s just one simple job to do here. The Doctor and Clara have to […]

The Doctor… Naked… In The TARDIS

I know, I know, we’re past the sign that warns of the dangers of going on and on about this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special. There are other things in the universe besides Matt Smith, regeneration, TARDISes and time travel. Except for two things. 1: no there aren’t, and 2: LOOK AT THESE PICTURES! The […]

WATCH: New, Longer BBCA Trailer For “The Time of the Doctor”

It’s exactly a week until the Doctor Who Christmas special, “The Time of the Doctor” arrives, and the era of the Doctor that we currently call Eleven comes to an end. Naturally, anticipation is approaching something of a peak, and this BBC America exclusive extended trailer—a full 30 seconds longer than the previous one—won’t do […]

The Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith)

‘Doctor Who’: Five Reasons Matt Smith Was Born to Play the Doctor

If you’re a budding thespian and you’d like to one day try for one of the most unusual roles in British television—namely the Doctor in Doctor Who—there are some things that will definitely act in your favor, should you be able to cultivate them. They’re not complicated or unreasonable demands in themselves, but getting them […]

‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Wooden Cybermen and Blind Daleks

This week, the clues have started to arrive in earnest, teasing ahead to this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special, “The Time of the Doctor,” and creating an air of mystery and anticipation. And as you’d hope, some of the them are a little bewildering too. First, there were the posters depicting the Doctor walking around […]

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