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Articles Tagged 'The Style Council'

Primal Scream – Screamadelica

Ten Great British Songs For A Heatwave

It’s really hot in the UK right now. This might not sound like a big deal, especially if you’re reading this in a part of the world that is more used to scorching temperatures than snowmen and big furry boots, but over here, after a few years of rainy summers and the very, very long […]

Paul Weller Disses Morrissey In Print

From my friends over at Morrissey-solo forums: Morrissey adores Paul Weller, but the love isn’t mutual. When asked about The Smiths, the former Jam and Style Council frontman told MOJO Magazine: “I’d never really got them before, but when I saw them live I thought, “f**king hell!” When they hit hit the stage it made […]

Anglo For Your Ear: The Jam’s “Beat Surrender”

This was No. 1 in the UK 25 years ago. This was the last No. 1 that The Jam would have before Paul Weller left the band and started The Style Council. (They had four: “Going Underground,” “Start,” “A Town Called Malice,” and this song.) Here, you can already see Weller transitioning into the straight […]