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Top Gear Thursday: Relive the Wild Ride of Season 21

It’s all over but the clowning. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May got together on the last studio shoot of Season 21 to reflect on this series’ highlights. “I think this series has gone down jolly well,” Clarkson said, adding that Chernobyl was the most amazing place he’d ever visited—and that the McLaren P1 […]

Tom Hiddleston and The Stig on ‘Top Gear’

LOOK: It’s Loki vs The Stig!

It’s about time these two mythical creatures were brought face to face in a battle of speed, skill and not crashing. One silent and dignified, the other proud and verbose (and prone to being biffed into next week by the Hulk). Yes, it’s Tom Hiddleston, and he’s going to be haring around the Top Gear […]


BBC AMERICA Sets Premiere Date for ‘Top Gear’ Season 21

If you all were waiting on a Season 21 teaser with the Stig to go along with the clips featuring Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, your patience has been rewarded. BBC AMERICA has released this stylish video featuring the Man in the White Helmet alongside a premiere date for new episodes – Monday, […]


Top Gear Thursday: 10 Best ‘Top Gear’ Moments of 2013

It’s hard to winnow down the craziness of another year of Top Gear to just ten moments, but the exigencies of end-of-the-year roundups gave us no choice but to attempt the task. 1. The Africa Special This year, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May took a trip to Africa, and the result was the series […]


Top Gear Thursday: The Stig – Won’t Dance, Can’t Make Him

“Some say he hates Morris dancers with a dark and all-consuming passion,” writes of, you guessed it, The Stig. “And they would appear to be right,” our overseas friends continue, “if this footage taken yesterday in London is anything to go by.” The footage is of our favorite white-suited driver arriving at a publicity […]

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