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Colin Firth

Colin Firth is About to Make His Fans Very, Very Happy

Benedict Cumberbatch isn’t the only one who has been busy, busy, busy. So has fellow English actor Colin Firth. The Oscar winning star, who has been absent from movie screens since the release of the little seen road movie Arthur Newman nearly a year ago, has a surfeit of new films opening in the next few weeks and months. […]

Railway Man, Composite FINAL

WATCH: Colin Firth in New ‘The Railway Man’ Trailer

Firth depicts the real-life experiences of Scottish-born Eric Lomax, who was a British Army officer during WWII. Lomax, 23, (Jeremy Irvine portrays the young Lomax) was captured by Japan and made a prisoner-of-war in 1942. While imprisoned Lomax was repeatedly tortured and interrogated. One man particularly stood out to Lomax when looking back, an interpreter […]

The Railway Man

WATCH: Colin Firth In The Trailer For ‘The Railway Man’

Did anyone else get the impression that Colin Firth had gone missing for a bit there? It seemed as if he was everywhere for a while, The King’s Speech and the ensuing award attention, all that stuff, and then suddenly it all went quiet (or, as the British call it, introspective). But now, let joy […]