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Articles Tagged 'The Mighty Boosh'

The League of Gentlemen

Five Weird British Sitcoms That Will Challenge You as a Viewer

Whether you’ve heard of, or even seen, all five of the shows in this list before, you have to admit some British comedies are more demanding than others. This can often be to their benefit (who would have thought a stuffy comedy based in a stationery office would have created a worldwide hit?), although even […]

Wimbledon News: Boris Becker Thinks Noel Fielding Is A Girl

Normally, the kind of astonishing gossip that emerges from Wimbledon tends towards stories about people eating nine strawberries in one go, a lady sitting in the wrong seat, or an American player bringing an entire Winnebago onto Centre Court. But yesterday, yesterday was a different matter entirely. Not one, but TWO astonishing things happened yesterday. […]