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5 Vintage British Things That Made a Comeback

Just for the sake of variety, let’s take Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes as read, and see what else we can find, shall we? The Cornish Language The Cornish people spoke a Celtic language called Kernowek (or Kernewek), which shares a similar root to that of Welsh and Breton. Despite having effectively died out as […]

Sir Michael Caine

10 Songs That Encapsulate Sir Michael Caine

This Thursday is Sir Michael Caine’s 80th birthday. A movie legend, double oscar winner, and, as of two days ago, recipient of the Freedom of the City of London. We’ll be running a few features about his life and work all this week, because frankly he is worth it. But first, to get the party […]

The Brit List: Summer of London – 10 Great London Songs

“The Lambeth Walk” London is well served with hymns to its own populace, going back to Music Hall days and beyond. Here’s North London’s own Chas & Dave with a song from the 1937 musical Me and My Girl. The song, named after a street in the borough of Lambeth, was so popular at […]

Five Innovative British Bass Players

So, we’ve done the gentleman singer, the inventive guitar player, the stick-twiddling drummer, but our great British band cannot be complete without the guy (or girl) who glues the whole thing together. It’s fine for the White Stripes to go out there without a bass player, but most other bands feel the need for a […]

Simon Cowell Slams Paul Weller Over ‘X Factor’ Criticism

Simon Cowell has slammed former Jam frontman Paul Weller for calling TV talent programs like Cowell’s X Factor as “very cheap programming and the lowest common denominator stuff,” NME reports. At a press conference for X Factor, Cowell said: “Weller – I have not read anything he has said which is interesting. If Paul Weller […]

Paul Weller Disses Morrissey In Print

From my friends over at Morrissey-solo forums: Morrissey adores Paul Weller, but the love isn’t mutual. When asked about The Smiths, the former Jam and Style Council frontman told MOJO Magazine: “I’d never really got them before, but when I saw them live I thought, “f**king hell!” When they hit hit the stage it made […]

Anglo For Your Ear: The Jam’s “Beat Surrender”

This was No. 1 in the UK 25 years ago. This was the last No. 1 that The Jam would have before Paul Weller left the band and started The Style Council. (They had four: “Going Underground,” “Start,” “A Town Called Malice,” and this song.) Here, you can already see Weller transitioning into the straight […]

You’re a Creep: Thom Yorke Hits Back at Noel Gallagher

It’s hardly news that Noel Gallagher talks crap about other singers, but Thom Yorke, for one, isn’t going to take it anymore. The Radiohead frontman hit back at the Oasis singer/guitarist’s comments that Yorke’s lyrics are too doom-and-gloom, according to Gigwise: “No matter how much you sit their [sic] twiddling, going, ‘We’re all doomed,’ at […]