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Articles Tagged 'The Gay'

Who Needs Homophobes When You’ve Got Rupert Everett?

Openly gay actor Rupert Everett says his fellow ‘mos make bad adoptive parents.(Towleroad) Daniel Radcliffe sure loves to get his kit off (we ain’t mad at him), but will he sit for a nude waxwork? Did Victoria Beckham stiff a waitress while dining out in L.A. with Katie Holmes? Liz Smith says, “According to our […]

Reader Mail: Chelsea Boys, No Corrie in the States, Lily Allen

Hey, thanks to the readers who have been sending me emails lately. You’ve directed me to some interesting news stories. For example, loyal Anglophenia fan Ed Rozanski sent me this: Since your blog focuses on things British AND has a gay tint, I thought you’d might be interested in the following article, courtesy of, […]

“Doctor Who” Creator Has Designs on Curly-Haired Pop Star

It seems pop star Mika has come out of the closet…sorta. He’s quoted in The Mirror as saying, “People say, ‘You don’t talk about sexuality because you’re worried about success in the US.’ I say, ‘Have you heard the f****** album? There’s a song about a married man who has a homosexual affair. There’s no […]

Jessica Simpson To Enter the Whoniverse?

It’s quite enough to hear Russell T. Davies admit he was gagging for Britney Spears to appear on Doctor Who, but are we ready for Breastica Simpson to jiggle her way through scenes with David Tennant? Perhaps some prankster over at Starpulse is having some fun at our expense…at least, we hope they are. Their […]

BBC AMERICA Scores Two GLAAD Media Award Nominations

BBC-A brings the Gay. (How’s that for a tagline?) Yes, BBC AMERICA is a startlingly LGBT-friendly network, and GLAAD honored us twice last night when they announced their annual Media Award nominations. Hex, with its lesbian ghosts, got shortlisted for Outstanding Drama Series, and My Mums Used to Be Men is up for Outstanding Documentary. […]