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The Judoon (PIc: BBC)

Our 10 Favorite Monsters in Modern ‘Doctor Who’

Since Doctor Who arrived back on TV screens in 2005, many alien races have returned to haunt the Doctor’s travels. Old foes like the Daleks, Cybermen, Ice Warriors and Sontarans have once again had their grand schemes thwarted, and old scores have been settled in a variety of inventive and sometimes unpleasant ways. But these […]

Bad Wolf Bay

10 of the Most Romantic Moments in ‘Doctor Who’

There is no shortage of romance in Doctor Who, it’s just it often manifests as either love-thwarting tragedy or gets hidden beneath Zygon-snogging euphemism because of the age range of the audience. So here are 10 moments that can attest to the power of love, even when is being tested to breaking point by alien […]

Festive TARDIS

WATCH: 9 Great Moments from ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Specials

There was no traditional Doctor Who Christmas special in the classic years, beyond a moment in 1965 where the First Doctor suddenly turned into the camera and wished viewers a merry Christmas at the end of “The Daleks’ Master Plan.” But with the relaunch of Doctor Who in 2006, and the regeneration of the Ninth […]

The Three Doctors

Brit Binge: The Many Moods of the Doctor in ‘Doctor Who’

As the new season of Doctor Who approaches, fans are wondering what kind of Doctor will emerge from the TARDIS. We’re being promised a darker, less chummy Doctor, but also a hugely enthusiastic and energetic one. Mind you, he’ll have to work hard if he wants to beat some of the emotional extremes of his […]

The Secret Of Matt Smith’s Success as the Eleventh Doctor

Over the past few days we’ve been pulling together clips devoted to Matt Smith’s portrayal of the Doctor, and having a think about his performances and his ability to inhabit that role as if born to do it. We’ve discussed him play the Doctor as a clown, a fearless general, a screaming thug and a […]

‘Doctor Who’: Five of Matt Smith’s Funniest Moments

We could fill many, many posts with the eternal daftness of the Eleventh Doctor, and still never quite manage to pull an entirely comprehensive list together. Simply put, he’s a very, very funny character, played by a very, very funny man. And the humor is all part of his unearthliness too. The Doctor can’t be […]

Doctor Who – Victor of the Daleks

Matt Smith: Five Moments When The Doctor Lost His Cool

The story of the Doctor’s character is the story of a sometimes prickly, usually charming man who, in the normal run of things, is incredibly reluctant to drop his mask and reveal the tumultuous emotions bubbling underneath. No matter which incarnation you pick, he’s a man of poise, wit and self-depreciation. He is not a […]

The Doctor, Amy and Rory

Matt Smith: Five Moments When The Doctor Broke Our Hearts

There’s always a lot of emotional upheaval around the Doctor, but while he’s enormously empathic, and hugely generous of spirit, it’s not often that he gets truly shaken himself. But when he does, it’s as if the universe itself has developed a worrying wobble. Here are five moments, from many, where the Doctor’s happy-go-lucky mask […]

Morbius, in ‘The Brain of Morbius’

11 One-Off Characters from ‘Doctor Who’ That Deserve a Comeback

Note: some of these characters do appear in subsequent novelizations, comic books and audiobooks, but there is debate about whether they are part of the canon of Doctor Who fact, so we’ll stick to the TV stories to confirm whether they count as one-offs or not. The Toymaker (“The Celestial Toymaker”) A long shadow has […]

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