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Steven Moffat Reveals How He Created the War Doctor

Before we start, to all Whovians everywhere, Happy Doctor Who’s 52nd Anniversary Day! Doesn’t time fly, even if you don’t have a TARDIS? And on the topic of Whovian anniversaries, there’s a fascinating interview with Steven Moffat over on the Radio Times site today, in which he explains in some detail exactly how he came […]

‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: BAFTAs, Ukes & Comic Books

Well, if this doesn’t prove that Doctor Who has the most loyal, active and passionate fanbase in the business, what will? At Sunday’s BAFTA TV awards, the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special “The Day of the Doctor” won the Radio Times Audience Award, the only trophy of the night that is voted by the public. Doctor […]

‘Doctor Who’ A Hit At The U.S. Box Office

Over the Doctor Who 50th anniversary weekend, it’s fair to say the good Doctor “conquered the world”, in the words of head writer Steven Moffat. And one particular area upon which he hadn’t set his “sand shoes” since the 1960s, but nevertheless effortlessly dominated, was the theatrical box office — as in addition to being simulcast on televisions […]

Doctor Who regeneration

Steven Moffat Adds Further Twists To The Regeneration Riddle

It’s been, what, 36 hours since “The Day of the Doctor” finished, and already debate is starting to build up over what the inclusion of John Hurt’s War Doctor will mean in terms of the regeneration rules. In case you have only a passing interest, it’s been a staple of Doctor Who that Time Lords […]

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