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Shredded music

10 Great British Bands Get Shredded

Let’s not spoil this with too much talk. Suffice to say there are 10 videos here, featuring some of the greatest musicans that Britain has produced. Only, they don’t really sound all that magnificent here. Quite the reverse, in fact. Queen I want to break free! Iron Maiden Run to the hills! Radiohead Is everything […]

The Great British Songbook #10: ‘The Lovecats’

I went to school in the ’80s. It was a time of polarisation, of tribalism, of ganging up and lashing out. You had the people in government, the socially mobile, moneyed lower middle class and the decimated working class communities, working in manufacturing industries that were constantly under threat, and everyone bickered about everyone else. […]

Five Songwriters Who Deserve The Comic Book Treatment

This November, at the Tucson Comic-Con, a new comic will be launched, called Unite and Take Over: Comic Book Stories Inspired by The Smiths. It’s the 78-page brainchild of publisher Shawn Demumbrum, who brought in artists like Christian Vilaire, Henry Barajas, Jeff Pina, and Shelby Robertson, to help him illustrate a series of stories which […]

Roundup: Robert Pattinson Says No to Simon Cowell’s Help

Twilight star Robert Pattinson is so much more than just a fantastic head of hair and a set of fangs. The English actor is also an accomplished musician and singer, but don't expect him to seek out music magnate Simon Cowell for some assistance. "I love Simon, I think he is a great personality and […]

The Cure’s Robert Smith Collaborating with Ashlee Simpson?

In news that would only signal The Cure frontman’s sad decline into pancake-faced irrelevance, Robert Smith is rumored to be producing tracks for Ashlee Simpson‘s next album, says The Guardian. Supposedly, Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy, who’s friends with both Smith and the Simpson grrrl, hooked it up. Tim Rice-Oxley of Keane has also […]