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Pink Floyd in 1967 (Photo: Keystone Features/Getty Images)

Five Underrated Pink Floyd Songs to Play Loud

It’s a busy time for Pink Floyd fans right now. David Gilmour has a new album Rattle That Lock out on September 18, Roger Waters is simulcasting his film Roger Waters The Wall* at selected U.K. cinemas on September 29, with an added simulcast joint interview with himself and Nick Mason, and he’s promising a […]

The Daily Politics

WATCH: How To Stop An Argument With Queen And Technology

Political journalism is a terribly serious business. There is no scope, in the middle of an angry row about, say, Prime Minister’s Question Time, for any form of levity, in case it looks as though you are mocking the very strongly-held and passionate feelings that your interviewee either genuinely has or is pretending to have […]

Black Shuck

Move Over Nessie: Five Mythical British Beasts

The Loch Ness monster is one of the most famous mythical beasts in the world, up there with Sasquatch and the yeti and the perfect wife for TV’s Simon Cowell. But Nessie is by no means the only made-up beastie to come from the British Isles. In fact, for such a small geographical area, there […]

Man vs Food

Five U.S. TV Shows That Have A Surprising UK Fanbase

If I can offer the usual caveat before we start: clearly I don’t know what’ll surprise anyone who isn’t me. And let’s face it, if Britain is going to happily export super-British shows like Downton Abbey and watch it go from strength to strength in the US, it’s not hard to understand that one culture […]

Wrigleys poster

Five American Things That Are STILL Cool

There are times when being a Brit looking at America is like pressing your face against the dining room window, watching an astonishing feast going on inside. We’re pretty good at lots of things – sarcasm, reading, tweed etc – but there are some things that will forever expose British culture to be a pale, […]

Are You Alright, TEST

British Influences We Could Do Without

Right, so last week we highlighted British “imports” that we could use some more of. And, keeping in mind the saying, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you,” or, a little cruder, “Don’t sh*t where you eat,” there are some British influences that we could do without. But, it is meant in the best possible […]


The Brit List: Five Ways Americans Ruined the English Language

There’s a phrase used in robotics, “the uncanny valley,” that describes the problem of building a robot and making it look human. Broadly speaking, the closer to reality you get, the ickier your robot becomes. There’s only so far you can go towards making it a lifelike representation of a real human before the tiny […]


The Brit List: 7 Famous Transatlantic Couples

Tonight (January 25) at 11/10c, BBC America premieres its latest Brit List special Top 20 Women Who Date Across the Pond, which counts down the biggest female celebrities who have found love with men from the other side of Atlantic. But long before there was a Robsten, Gwyneth locked sights on her Coldplay beau, or […]


Gallery: The Brits Who Defined 2012

With the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics, Bond’s 50th anniversary, and Doctor Who putting all eyes on the UK in the past twelve months, who were the British celebrities who made 2012 the remarkable year that was? Click on any of the photos below to launch our gallery.

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