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‘Doctor Who’ Recap: ‘The Bells Of Saint John’

NOTE: Doctor Who fans, we’re giving you a weekly chance to win a set of Eleventh Doctor novels containing Tommy Donbavand’s Shroud of Sorrow, Nicholas Briggs’ The Dalek Generation, and Justin Richards’ Plague of the Cybermen by giving us your response to each week’s episode recap in the comments. Our expert judges will be reviewing […]


Live-Blogging the ‘Doctor Who’ Premiere, ‘The Bells of Saint John’

(refresh for updates – photos via Doctor Who Tumblr) 8:59 pm ET: Clara calling the TARDIS “a snogbox”? Her resisting the Doctor’s invitation to come along? She’s an intriguing creation, and I’m fascinated with her how her arc will unfold and how the many layers of her character will be peeled off. (Already she’s challenging […]

Doctor Who: The Doctor Changes

WATCH: The Doctor Finds His Coat

One of the great unsung joys of Doctor Who is the bit where he goes for a rummage in the TARDIS to find some new clothes, and you realise he’s spent quite a lot of the last 1,000-odd years picking up bits and bobs – everything from space cummerbunds to an Elizabethan ruff – from […]