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5 British Sports Traditions You Won’t Find in the U.S.

Anyone who has spent time in the United States will understand that the country rightly prides itself on its own sports. NFL dominates the sporting landscape, while its predecessor, rugby, enjoys only limited popularity; instead of cricket, baseball is preferred; and while soccer is certainly growing here, you’re still more likely to hear about basketball’s […]

Ryan Giggs

10 Great British Athletes Americans Should Know

With the 2012 London Olympics almost a year behind us, the hype around British athletes has certainly died down in the United States. Unless you are an avid soccer fan, David Beckham is probably the only British player you know. You may also be unsure of the difference between rugby and American football. Or what […]

Why the U.S. Open Is Andy Murray’s Best Shot at Grand Slam Title

It’s hard out there for Andy Murray. He may be a bonafide tennis icon – he was recently immortalized in a Mario Testino photo spread for Vogue – but every tournament he’s hounded with the UK’s hopes to finally win a Grand Slam tennis championship. (It’s been 74 years!) And Murray is such a strong […]

Andy Murray’s U.S. Open Dream Dashed: He Lost To Cilic

The dream of British tennis dominance will have to wait a bit: Scottish tennis star Andy Murray was jettisoned from the U.S. Open by Croatia’s Marin Cilic in straight sets. (The Times) Sir Paul McCartney wants The Beatles’ catalog available as downloads – and blames record label EMI for their songs not being on iTunes. […]

Tim Henman Will Retire – Without a Wimbledon Title

UK tennis star Tim Henman has finally decided to retire, according to BBC Sport. He’ll make his swan song at Wimbledon next month, but unfortunately it’ll be for the Davis Cup and not to vie for the Grand Slam title that has always eluded him. In a statement, Henman said, “I played some of my […]