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WATCH: How to Make Tea the British Way

Previously, we explored the history behind Britain’s obsession with tea. But how do you make the perfect steaming cuppa the British way? Most tea consumed in America is iced, but folks in the U.K. need something a bit hotter and stronger to deal with those grey British days. Join Anglophenia’s Kate Arnell for a proper […]

Mug 1

PHOTOS: Selection of Mugs with Biscuit Pocket

Now that we know how much milk goes in our tea, thanks to this handy color-coded mug, we can move onto other advancements in tea drinking. If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation with a cuppa, a tasty biscuit, but no place to house your treat, these mugs with a “biscuit pocket” provide a solution. You’ll […]

MyCuppa, Milk

WATCH: British-Designed Cuppa Determines a Classic British Brew

If you like milk in your coffee or tea, but can’t quite figure out the proportions, this British-designed gadgety mug will come in handy. MyCuppa, available in coffee and tea styles, uses a color matching code to determine the end result of your drink: 1) Just Tea; 2) Builder’s Brew; 3) Classic British; 4) Milky. […]

Tea and Sympathy

10 Places to Do Tea in NYC

Making a cuppa at home is nice and relaxing, but why not make it into an event and “do” Afternoon Tea at some of our favorite spots in NYC. Check out ten delightful but totally unique experiences (in no particular order): 1. Tea & Sympathy Address: 108 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10011 Times: Mon – […]

Loose Tea

10 Old British Slang Terms That Deserve A Revival

Just because it’s Friday and old words are amazing, here’s a list of delightful slang terms that are around 200 years old. Some of them describe acts people simply don’t perform any more, or suggest manners and etiquette that no longer apply, while some are all too familiar and could have been coined last week. […]

Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin Donuts Makes Its Way to the UK

Dunkin’ Donuts is giving it another go in the U.K … the ol’ college effort as some might say. DD had stores in Britain, but pulled out in the mid-nineties, as it just didn’t catch on. It’s sort of like when you go to the U.K. and think, “There’s no bagel stores here. Maybe I’ll […]


10 British Habits Americans Will Never Understand

Admit it: we’re a nation of oddballs whose conventions and mannerisms defy logic. Read on for a rundown of our most bewildering traits. 1. Apologizing unnecessarily How often do you — a Brit living in the U.S. — auto-deliver a completely unnecessary, “Sorry?” I’m a 10-a-day gal. Sometimes, the American on the receiving end, instead […]

10 Things British Expats Will Miss About the UK

Ditch Blighty for the U.S., and you may find yourself longing for the best of British. 1. Marmite Actually, you can sometimes find the delicious brown gloop in U.S. supermarkets, although I’ve no idea who’s buying the stuff – other than the odd homesick Brit. Every American I’ve consulted on this has either never heard […]